Alex K's New Years Eve
Friday 2nd January

The phone rings.
Ring ring.
I answer it.
Me: "Hi."
Alex K: "Hi."
Me: "How was new year's eve? Did you go to M-two?"
Alex K: "Yes. I went there."
Me: "Was it any good?"
Alex K: "It was good at first. Later on the bouncers kept pushing everyone out of the way as they ran past to break up fights."
Me: "Were there that many fights?"
Alex K: "When we were standing on the balcony area. At one point about 20 bouncers ran past us to break one up. In the city people were driving crazy too. Taxis pushing in front of each other, going through red lights."
Me: "Really?"
Alex K: "Yes, cars weren't stopping for red. It was so bad on the way back I went on the motorway."
Me: "To Didsbury?"
Alex K: "I was dropping off a friend."
Me: "What time did you leave?"
Alex K: "Soon after I texted you. There was a loud smashing sound of glass breaking, the fire alarm went off and they closed it early because there were too many fights."
Me: "Wow. I don't believe it, people go out for fun on new year's eve and it's like that."
Alex K: "And it was £25 to get in. I made some money though. £10 for giving someone a lift. In the club I was queuing for coats and a random guy asked me – can you put my coat in – so I said – give me £5 – he said – no – so I said – go to the back of the queue and wait 20 minutes then."
I laugh.
Alex K: "So we negotiated and I made some money back."
Me: "That's funny."
Alex K: "How was the house party?"
Me: "It was good. There was table football, snacks and special Dutch doughnuts. I've always been to bars for new year's eve so it was a change going to a house party. It was a nice flat too."
Alex K: "House parties are best."
Me: "Earlier on in the bars in Fallowfield it was already getting rowdy. I wondered how it would be in M-two."
Alex K: "I thought you went to a house party?"
Me: "Me and Jackson went to some bars before going to the house party later on."
Alex K: "What happened?"
Me: "People singing in the place for attention, not to have a good time."
Alex K: "I know what you mean."
Me: "Tiger Tiger probably would have been the same too. On new year's eve high entry price doesn't make any difference."
Alex K: "People go to get drunk and out of control."

Alex K: "We'll have to sort out a house party next year."
Me: "Yes."
Alex K: "Are you going out in the daytime next week."
Me: "I'm going tomorrow to the city. We can meet up."
Alex K: "What time?"
Me: "Morning."
Alex K: "Not too early. I'm meeting a friend later."
Me: "I'm probably going for 10:30 so I can park near the city. Later there'll be no spaces."
Alex K: "What about 12 at HMV?"
Me: "Ok, I can buy some things beforehand then meet you."
Alex K: "Downstairs at the games section. I might buy a game."
Me: "Computer games are a waste of time. They're ok for a bit but you want to be doing something. You don't learn anything playing games."
Alex K: "They're really popular."
Me; "There's better things than playing games all day. Like reading books, or going out for real, driving real cars. Or make your own games for people to play."
Alex K: "Maybe."
Me: "See you downstairs in HMV at 12."
Alex K: "Ok, see you later."
I put the phone handset down.

Summary and venue reviews: Friday 2nd January

Very busy. Clientele: smart, smart casual. Dιcor: 7/10.
Notes: Lots of fights all night on new year's eve.

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