Bars and nightclubs
Friday 16th January

Here's a summary of what I found out from going to nightclubs and bars in the city.

Visiting bars and nightclubs can be a lot of fun. It gives you a good vibe, makes you feel upbeat, and it's good to experience the entertainment in a town or city.

The vibe and confidence you get makes it easier to meet people in other areas of life such as the workplace, shopping and other chance meetings.

Don't expect to easily meet people to build a social life at the bars and clubs. The majority of people don't go to the same venue every week, so it's not easy to become one of the regulars. The loud music, drink and drugs also can be too much in some venues.

There are some good venues that have a party or fun vibe and where people enjoy dancing. You have to really work hard to find these places and when you do it's worth it.

If clubs and bars aren't for you, there's other ways to go out every week and enjoy being around people such as dance classes, sport and other activities.

Summary and venue reviews: Friday 16th January

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Alex Remizo