Being a good guy finishes first
Monday 16th February

I was having a discussion with Baz's friend who was out on Friday and we were discussing dating.
Me: "I don't cheat at all, I break up with them then go out with another. It's easier."
Him: "You're right, because lots of guys think it's ok to cheat and while she won't know, it does affect the relationship in terms of the energy."
I don't know what he means by that but it's an interesting point. We got onto the topic of dating because he was asking if I had a girlfriend. He was saying how he's meeting up with his girlfriend later.

I broke up with my girlfriend on Tuesday last week because I decided we had different goals and weren't compatible. We had good times and now I want to date someone else. People often make a big deal of dumping someone. It's the natural flow of dating, going out, and so on. As long as we have good times it's ok.

I'm going to phone some of the ladies I met at the singles event (Friday 6th February) and arrange to meet up with them.

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