Casino Freebies
Tuesday 13th January

I'm in the city on business today. I also meet up with Phil who is in between jobs, it's because of the recession. He's got a job interview this afternoon which I'm sure he'll do well in. He doesn't want to spend too much on lunch so I take him to the casino and show him how to win cash. In the casino Phil gets a free sandwich and free drinks – so he doesn't have to buy lunch anyway. We take £25 out of the casino as well.

Now we're on Market Street walking past the shops.
Phil: "I'm amazed. Your lifestyle is sorted."
Me: "What do you mean?"
Phil: "You go out, go on dates, make money out of the casino. It's great."
Me: "I'm not sure about the casino. It does make money but you're not learning anything. It's just a system to make £10 or £20 a week."
Phil: "But it's easy and it's money which during the recession is what people need."
He's referring to the £180 I've taken out of the casino over the last few months and not lost once. It takes only 5 or 10 minutes each time, and it does mean a free meal out every week in the city. I see it more for the benefit of friends during the recession. Everyone needs to go out once in a while. I show friends how to take money out and the casino pays for our going out.
Phil: "You're going on dates regularly as well. The lady you met the other day was really beautiful."
Me: "You're right. After all most guys still go to nightclubs or bars, stand at the bar all night staring at the ladies building up the courage to approach."
Phil: "That's it. I'm grateful for being shown this, how to take money out of the casino, where to eat, drink for free. It's a side of the city most people don't know."

Me and Phil chat a while longer.
I say bye and wish him luck for his job interview this afternoon.

Summary and venue reviews: Tuesday 13th January

Circus Casino
Medium busy. Clientele: smart casual. Décor: 6/10.
Notes: Using the £10 matchplay offer on the right slot machine it's possible to make £10 or £20 every week. There are also sandwich and bar snack offers.
Circus Casino

Market Street
Medium busy.
Notes: A main shopping street in Manchester city centre.
Market Street

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