Date with a South American
Thursday 15th January

It's 4pm and I'm in Revolution sitting at one of the tables doing some work. I've been here most of the afternoon except when I went to Happy Days takeaway for a naan bread.
Ana Marie arrives, buys a drink at the bar and comes over to the table to sit opposite me. We get on well and have a fun time.

2 hours later we leave Revolution and are walking along Wilmslow Road.
Ana Marie: "You've got my number, let me know when you want to meet up again."
Me: "We can arrange it now, what about Saturday?"
Ana Marie: "Saturday is good, it's my day off."
Me: "Outside the library in St. Peter's Square at 2 o'clock?"
Ana Marie: "Ok."
We say goodbye and I go over to my car, she goes home to Withington.

Summary and venue reviews: Thursday 15th January

Revolution Fallowfield
Quiet. Clientele: smart casual, smart. Décor: 8/10.
Notes: Excellent bar staff and a good place to go on a date.
Revolution Fallowfield

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