Dating and making the phone call
Sunday 11th January

It's 2:15pm. I pick up the phone and dial Ana-Marie's number she's the lady I met yesterday in Waterstones.
Ring ring.

Her: "Hello?"
Me: "Hi, it's Alex."
Her: "Alex?"
Me: "We met yesterday in Waterstones."
Her: "Oh hello!" she says and giggles.
Me: "What are you doing tomorrow at 8pm?"
Her: "I'm working. I work at a hotel 5 until 11."
Me: "At night?"
Her: "Yes. I'm looking for another job, but at the moment I can meet up in the day. Do you work in the daytime?"
Me: "Yes, I'm busy until Wednesday, I can meet on Thursday. Where do you live?"
Her: "Withington."
Me: "We can meet in Fallowfield at Revolution. Do you know where it is?"
Her: "Yes, what time?"
Me: "2pm."
Her: "Ok, see you at Revolution."
Me: "See you later."

Revolution in Fallowfield at 2pm is ok. I sometimes go to Revolution and use it as my office all afternoon. I take work with me and order a few drinks throughout the afternoon. They can make up nice non-alcholic drinks that aren't on the menu by mixing up fruit juices it means people who drive can have nice drinks too.
I can do some work there then she can come on the date.

I don't make a big thing of a date with someone I just met. It's a fact that when it comes to students they can be late, not turn up and want to rearrange, or occasionally not turn up at all. A high proportion of students drink lots of alcohol, take drugs, so if they're meeting me they can come to where I'm doing something anyway. Only when I get to know the lady does the dating become more special.

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