Don't make a big deal until you know them
Wednesday 14th January
Phil, Baz and Jackson have been saying how great it is that I'm going on dates regularly. That most guys get one date every 3-6 months, however I get some ladies I meet in bars phoning me up and some I call come out with me. It's also good that I fit this around traditional working hours. I recently went on several dates with a lady I met in Didsbury. Now I'm planning on dating Ana Marie who I met in the Arndale centre.

It's 4:45pm and the phone rings.
Ring ring.
Me: "Hello."
Her: "Hi. I'm returning the call, you phoned me earlier."
I realise it's Ana Marie who I met in Waterstones on the 10th January. The reception isn't very good and the sound cuts out after a few times.
Me: "Is this Ana Marie?"
Her: "Yes. I'm returning the cal, you phoned earlier today."
Me: "This is Alex. The last time I phoned you was Sunday when we arranged to meet tomorrow."
Ana Marie: "Sorry, I got the wrong number. I was trying to phone the Holiday Inn. Can we meet later tomorrow about 4 or 5 because I'll be at work. My shifts have changed."
I consider what if she hadn't turned up at 2pm tomorrow. Although she could have been planning to phone me later tonight to say she's at work tomorrow.
Me: "Are we still meeting tomorrow?" I say to check that she intends to turn up.
Ana Marie: "Yes we'll meet tomorrow in Fallowfield." she says sounding as if she hopes she hasn't messed things up.
Me: "Ok, 4pm at the same place."
Ana Marie: "Yes Revolution in Fallowfield."
Me: "See you later."
I finish the call.

Which proves why it's a good idea for the first date for the lady to be coming along to somewhere I'll be going anyway. It's a test whether thay can turn up on time or at all. I'll be doing work sitting at one of the tables in the venue all afternoon anyway.

It's a shame a lot of guys when it comes to a first date arrange a special dinner. Look forward to it and so on yet the women might show up late or not at all. From experience I've found few women are classy, don't take drugs or don't smoke, and few women have a good attitude. The first few dates are just to find out what she's like.

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