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Wednesday 21st January

If you moved to a new city, how would you build a social circle?

So far I've tried bars and nightclubs. It's been a lot of fun I've been on dates, had a romance with a Russian lady, met lots of people, danced to some great music.

Now I've got a girlfriend and some ladies I'm becoming friends with. On the other hand I've met some guys but they're mostly metrosexuals or alcoholics.

At one point I was considering if there is such a thing as a group of friends anymore. If people finish education, get jobs and end up settling down with a lady and that's it.

But no, I realise that a girlfriend is just the beginning.

I'm also on the topic of how it helps for people to have a common interest to connect. Whether it's music, hobbies, the environment at the venue where they go out. It's an experience to share and enjoy. I'm even thinking some kind of game or activity might be worth trying.

Having a regular venue was a good idea. Maybe it should have an activity as well.

Summary and venue reviews: Wednesday 21st January

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Alex Remizo