Fashion in common
Wednesday 4th February

I'm having a conversation with Rob a guy I used to know from primary school. We met by chance in Altrincham.

We discuss his job and business in general. He works for a utilities company.
Rob: "I thought about setting up a business on the internet. In the 90's everyone was saying the internet would be good for small business although there's too much competition."
Me: "Yes. The business programmes were saying the internet is a great leveller for small businesses against big business. All that happened is it created bigger monopolies. Amazon meant the small bookshops in towns closed down."
Rob: "Now they say to choose a niche. The problem with that is the niches are too small to make a living."

We talk about going out.
Rob: "I'm living in Lymm now. I go out for 2 or 3 nights a week with a few friends. Do you go out around here anymore?"
Me: "Every now and again. I go to Manchester more often. I used to live in Fallowfield."
Rob: "What's it like?"
Me: "Not like when you used to go out. I was at an 80's theme night one Saturday and there were only 2 people who made an effort. The rest were wearing T-shirt and jeans."
Rob: "Really?" he says surprised.
Me: "It's because pop stars change their image too much. Going out was light hearted and people would copy pop stars style for fun. Like in the 90's everyone was dressed like Oasis."
Rob: "There was Nirvana as well."
Me: "Yes. Now no-one wants to stand out and there's no main image so everyone dresses down."
Rob: "When I used to go out you couldn't get in unless you wore shirt, trousers and shoes!"
Me: "I do have a lot of fun going out. It's different now."

All this being an individual doesn't work. People are too afraid to stand out with their own style. What does work is being an individual with some general theme and building on that. So if everyone has the 90's Oasis style they might try some different trainers or accessories. Then everyone really dresses up to enjoy this creativity. However, if people stand out as with completely their own style they feel uncomfortable.

Maybe this realisation is a positive thing, that we like each other to have a longer-term style and something in common to bring us together.

Summary and venue reviews: Wednesday 4th February

Notes: A neighbourhood in Cheshire, south of Manchester.

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Alex Remizo