Go out more often
Friday 16th January

There's a dark side to the city a high proportion of venues cater to people who are bored with life and go blast themselves with loud music, drink as much as possible and fight just to feel something. Rather than take up hobbies and activities or sport and fitness, it's as if the night out becomes an extreme sport.

A famous singer once sang a song about people that were bored so they went out and got into fights. It was a band called The Streets and their album was called Original Pirate Material.

A lot of weekend warriors say they can't afford to go out more than once a week because they need 80 for alcohol and club entry. If you find yourself in this situation try this:
1. Ignore peer pressure to drink
Going out and ending up in drinking competitions can happen all by themselves. Then before you know it you're in a group of people who have a go at you if you're not getting drunk.
2. Go out more often and drink less on a night out. For example, you could go out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 8pm-10pm driving to the pub or bar and avoid taxi fares. Then go on Saturday 8pm-1am and have drinks if you want. By going out more you won't need such a big blast at the weekend, also you'll be busy going out weekdays as well as weekend and have more fun. It's not a problem for careers because if you have to get up at 7am for work you can still get 8 hours sleep weekdays.

Summary and venue reviews: Friday 16th January

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Alex Remizo