January sales
Saturday 3rd January

It's 12:05pm. I'm downstairs in HMV with Alex K. There's a whole room down here with computers for people to play multiplayer computer games.

We go out onto the street. It's busy with shoppers who have come to Manchester for the bargains in the sales.

The sales start in some stores before Christmas. They start and finish earlier compared to a few years ago. They used to be 1st to the 30th January, now they finish around mid January.

Interesting things I've noticed in the sales. When I pick up a product and examin it, other people notice and come over to also have a look. It's as if they wonder there's something they haven't noticed.

In the shops where everyone is looking for sale goods, people who enter the environment pick up on what everyone else is doing and copy it. It's a good thing most shops allow 28 days to return things.

Alex K: "Are we getting food?"
Me: "Where shall we go. The food court. Or Chinatown?"
Alex K: "Not the food court, it'll be busy there."
Me: "We can go to China Buffet."
Alex K: "Or the casino."
Me: "The casino then Cinatown. It's only 20 past 12."

We go over to the casino and use the system to win some money. I first worked out the system in September and later introduced it to Alex K when we started going out every week. It usually pays about £10 or £20 taking about 15 minutes. It can be done once a week. It comes in useful.

I win only £5 today. Alex K wins £20. I get some free drinks at the casino.

We go out onto the street and walk over to Chinatown.
Alex K: "Where shall we go?"
Me: "China Buffet."
Alex K: "Isn't that the place on the corner downstairs. I thought there wasn't much choice there. What about Buffet city?"
Me: "I've asked people which is the best buffet place and they sat China Buffet. It's not got as much choice but the food there is good uality, cooked properly. It's got a nice atmosphere."
Alex K: "Ok."

There's lots of places for Chinese buffets here. They vary lots. Some places overcook the food during quieter times. Some oversalt the food to encourage buying of drinks. China Buffet consistently cooks the food well but not overdone, the service is efficient, it's got a nice atmosphere and décor - it's recently been refurbished.
We found rather than eat a bit of everything from the buffet, it's best to treat it like a restaurant - choose a starter, main and dessert - the bonus is you can have too many servings as you like. Trying too many dishes can be too man flavours and not as enjoyable.

Me and Alex K have a good meal. We're discussing business. I'm aware the guy and lady at the table next to us are listening in. They start a conversation with us. It turns out he's a student and she's working to save up to go travelling next year to Brazil. I tell them about Vivien who I know is from Brazil - I met up with Vivien the other day and she's going there for 3 months. The guy is studying business and wants to work for a charity. We discuss what places we like to go out. They like going to Trof, Northern Quarter and the Warehouse Project. We swap emails on the way out.

All the going to bars over the past few months and I'm meeting people in restaurants. It could be easier to meet people in restaurants, cafes and even art galleries. These are people who won't go to bars because of the trouble, and who want to get out and be around people.

Summary and venue reviews: Saturdat 3rd January

Medium busy. Clientele: smart casual. Décor: 7/10.
Notes: A big music and video store.

Circus Casino
Medium busy. Clientele: smart casual. Décor: 7/10.
Notes: Using the slot machine matchplay it's possible to make money out of the casino.
Circus Casino

China Buffet
Medium busy. Clientele: smart casual. Décor: 8/10.
Notes: A good quality Chinese Buffet.

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