Phil brings friends together for happy times
Friday 13th February

Phil, Alex K, Phil's girlfriend, Baz, someone who is friends with Baz, someone who is friends with Phil and 2 female students, are all here in Kro Bar Piccadilly Gardens tonight. Alex K met the students a few days ago at Maz's friends' house. One of them has been texting Alex K earlier in the evening so he invited them along too. The evening was organised by Phil. He's staying just over the road in the Britannia Hotel this weekend. We're having a good night. The atmosphere is fun, happy and upbeat.

We all get on well. We have fun conversations and it's an enjoyable night.

Now everyone has gone home except me and Alex K. As we walk along Oxford Road Alex K says:
Alex K: "It was good times going out in Manchester." he says referring to when we were going out in September to December.
We go to Popolinos takeaway for garlic bread with cheese.
Me: "There's a new takeaway in Didsbury run by Italians. I found it on Tuesday, went in and said – Are your chips any good – he replied – They're the best. So I bought some and they were very good. We'll have to go there soon.

I've never known of an Italian takeaway before, the guys running it are from Scicily. I'm looking forward to trying other things on the menu.

Me: "I'll get going in a bit, I didn't want to go home too late."
Alex K: "I'm going to the gym at 8 tomorrow. I'm training for the Manchester 10k run."

We leave Popolinos, go to where our cars are parked. There are people stumbling along drunk after a night out.
Alex K: "Look at them." he says referring to two drunk people supporting each other as they walk down the street.
Me: "I'm playing a different game now. I'm not going out until 3am and being tired for days. By going out until 10 or 11 I can get sleep, be upbeat and in a good mood the next day."

Summary and venue reviews: Friday 13th February

Kro Bar Piccadilly Busy. Clientele: smart casual, smart. Décor: 6/10. Music: chart.
Notes: A pleasant atmosphere to be with a group of friends.
Kro Bar Piccadilly

Popolinos takeaway Medium busy. Clientele: smart casual. Décor: 6/10.
Popolinos Takeaway

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