Sunday and the papers
Sunday 8th February

I'm reading a Sunday Times newspaper. My preferred newspaper is the Financial Times or Wall Street Journal Europe they're more factual and less sensationalised.

The Sunday Times has an article on technology. It says Google has a technology which works with modern mobile phones. It allows people to track their friends on a map. The selling points are don't go to a party until several of your friends have arrived and plan your night out when you see where your friends are.
I consider how these selling points don't work. If everyone waits for people to go out before they go out, no-one will go out.

In the Style section there's an article on going out. It covers places that are open until 6am. The article is inspired by Lady Ga Ga who had a publicity shoot of her going to bars all night.
It reports in Manchester the Press Club is the place to go. Me and Baz went there the other week (Friday 6th February). It's not the trendy place it's made out to be in the article.

The media paints a picture of the world that doesn't exist. It's entertainment, not news. Go out and see for yourself. It's fun finding out what the world is really like.

Summary and venue reviews: Sunday 8th February

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Alex Remizo