The pick up artists
Friday 16th January

There's a book written about guys picking up women, it's called The Game by Neil Strauss. It's about approaching and talking to people but only with the purpose of getting dates. I prefer to build a lifestyle, a social life and so on and find getting dates happens because you've got such a busy and fulfilling lifestyle.

I had a copy of the book and read it a few years after it came out. The day I finished it I was walking down the main shopping street in Altrincham. This guy comes up to me wearing a long black coat, a badge and he says:
Him: "What is the meaning of life?"
Me: "To sarge." which is what it said in the book called The Game. Sarging, to sarge, is the name they give to approaching lots of random people with the intention to date them.
Him: "It's funny you should say that, my sister dated Style." Style is a character from the book.
Me: "Really. You're from America?" I ask him because he has an American accent.
Him: "Yes. My sister dated Style for a while when he was writing The Game."
Is this a coincidence or what?!

I spend the next 20 minutes asking him questions about it. It turns out this guy is a Mormon. He's called Elder Key.
Him: "They had voice recorders to note down everything for the book."
Me: "If they had voice recorders and were in L.A. Style is already a well-known writer for Rolling Stone magazine and he's chatting up women with a voice recorder."
Him: "Yes."
Me: "But women in Hollywood will date this guy just for the fame. Also they dated strippers and waitresses, many are aspiring actresses looking for their big break."
Him: "You're right."

Then again, this is Hollywood we're talking about, so Style must have had some level of skill to be able to get dates, especially as he's in a city with other stars.

The conversation with the guy help set apart what I'm doing in Manchester compared to other lifestyle and dating experts. Even if it wasn't the case with Style, many self help experts have fame and fortune to back them up, the advice is not from the real life experience of someone working 9-5.

Fair play to the guys who wrote and were involved in that book The Game. Also the same for anyone else trying this kind of stuff. It's good to have people encouraging each other to go out and be social.

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Alex Remizo