Manchester's Vice City Part 2
Saturday 2nd May

I meet up with Jackson who I haven't seen in a while and we walk down Oxford Road, then across St. Peter's Square where a homeless person says:
Homeless person: "Have you got any money?"
Me: "No."
Homeless person: "If there weren't so many security guards around I'd punch you." he says referring to all the police and security officers in St. Peter's Square. A lot of homeless people say things like that nowadays. There is lots of security because there's a special event over in Albert Square, it's promoting Spain as a tourist destination.

We go to the entrance of Cloud 23, the bar in the Hilton Hotel, there's a big queue. We don't go in and instead walk along Deansgate towards the Printworks. As we're going along Deansgate two more beggars ask for money. We also pass two groups of people shouting at each other and one group play fighting in the street.
Jackson comments: "Later that will turn into serious fighting."

Me: "You can't bring ladies out with you to Manchester at night because they don't feel safe. It's like when I was in the Cornerhouse Cinema bar and a guy holding two bottles of wine – one in each hand – comes in and asks for cigarettes. If I was on a date it wouldn't be pleasant."
Jackson: "I was thinking of writing a letter to the council about how bad it is. I was at Piccadilly train station last week at night, taking a train, and there were lots of teenagers running around causing trouble.

We arrive at the Printworks. We walk through to see what events are on tonight, then leave by the opposite entrance near the Northern Quarter. As we step out of the entrance onto the pavement a limousine drives past us, up a dirty sidestreet on our left. 5 ladies dressed for a hen night get out. To our right a beggar approaches us and asks us for money. Then as we walk down the hill another beggar asks us for money.

We go to Hard Rock Café for half an hour. It's good in here. Quick service, polite bar staff and good music.

We leave Hard Rock Café and as it's a warm evening sit on a bench outside Next.
We're talking and a guy walks past us looking aggressive.
Me: "Did you see that look, he wanted a fight."
Jackson: "Yes, a lot of people have that look tonight."
People walking past are regularly sizing us up for a fight but they're not going to start on us.

Me: "I've been going on dates, going out, having a good time lately. When you get your lifestyle sorted, you can't be bothered with all this."
Jackson: "I know what you're saying."
Jackson: "A lot of problems would be solved if alcohol was banned."

We go to a few nightclubs. 4 ladies ask me to dance but I don't feel like dancing with them. Another few dance close. 5 ladies surround Jackson and start undoing his shirt buttons. He stops them when they start tying to take it off. Jackson is a popular guy tonight. It's a good night. It's a shame there's so much trouble travelling between venues.

Summary and venue reviews: Saturday 2nd May

St. Peter's Square
Notes: Lots of security and police as there's an event in nearby Albert Square. Lots of homeless people and beggars.
St. Peter's Square

Notes: Homeless people and beggars, yobs play fighting in the street.

Busy. Clientele: nightclubbers, smart casual.
Notes: Beggars outside the Printworks asking drunk partygoers for money. Also people looking for fights.

Hard Rock Cafe
Medium busy. Clientele: smart casual, rockers. Decor: 9/10. Music: classic hits, rock.
Hard Rock Cafe

Nightclubs around Printworks
Busy. Clientele: smart casual, smart. Music: dance, pop.

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