Friday 27th March

It's 8:45pm and I'm on the ground floor in Tiger Tiger. The guy who I originally met at Allsports invited me earlier. We're sitting at one of the tables in the bar area talking and having drinks.

We were having a good time earlier on. Now it's 10pm and Marko has become really drunk in the last half hour. He's onl had 2 pints.
A guy of about 37 years old walks into the bar with well defined muscle. He looks like a professional body builder. Fair play to him for putting in the work to look like that. It takes many years to work out to that level. He's wearing a tight pull-over to show off his physique and lots of people are looking around at him.
Marko has also been working out lots and taking almost every additive they sell in the shops – creatine, protein shakes and so on. He says in a drunk, comedy way
Him: "You see, lots of muscle, lots of ladies!”

Now Marko is saying
Him: "I was in town today and I only overheard 2 English people talking. Everyone else here's a foreigner!”

We go to Hard Rock Cafι. He's become so drunk he's stumbling around. We stay for 15 minutes.

We go back to Tiger Tiger. He's not as drunk now and is chatting up every lady he comes across.

Him: "Hi, what's your name?” he says to a waitress.
Her: "Katherine.”
Him: "You're really nice.”
Her: "Thanks.”
Him: "How are you?”
Her: "Ok.” she says wanting to go back to collecting glasses but is too polite to leave.
Me: "Ignore him, he's drunk.”
She goes behind the bar.
Marko goes to the bar, orders a half pint and comes back to the table.
Me: "If you drink that I'm leaving.”
Him: "I'm not drunk.”
He drinks it, I send home. he's in a bad mood about it and heads towards the Northern Quarter. I go inside and upstairs.
I'm now in Tiger Tiger on my own.

The DJ plays
I think we're alone now
Dance with somebody
Hear it for the boy
Take on me
I'm so excited
Wakking on sunshine
Poker Face
Summer of ‘69

There's a real nightclubber crowd around tonight and it feels special.

I'm in the lounge area now and a guy is dancing like Michael Jackson to Billy Jean. He knows the proper moves and it looks top. The ladies have good moves too.
I go to the nightclub room and the DJ is playing some quality dance hits. As I'm standing on the side with a beer in my hand, a group of ladies come and dance really close to me. I don't take the opportunity to pull because I'm tired.
It's something you learn when going out. If you've had a busy day, are tired, the nightclubbing women will pick up on this and not like you. It's the way it goes.

I'm still having an enjoyable time. The occasional weekend when Tiger Tiger gets it right it's the best club in Manchester. Tonight the DJ's, atmosphere and service is right on. Unfortunately lately they don't get it right that often.

The music in this nightclub room starts to get louder and louder. Next a dance song starts playing with a lady singing an introductory bit. I notice half the people in here suddenly make an expression of bad pain on their faces and put their fingers in their ears. The other half are too drunk. I'm wearing high quality earplugs so I don't know how loud it is but it must have been really loud.

Half the people leave the room. I leave with them since seeing people in pain isn't pleasant. I go downstairs and leave. As I'm leaving the venue a few doormen shout from behind me
Dorrmen: "Move to the side.”
I look around and move to the side. 3 doormen are carrying a guy by his arms and legs. They put him down on his back on the concrete outside the venue. He gets up with blood on his face and starts shouting, half crying and half complaining to a woman he knows, possibly his girlfriend. She keeps repeating to him:
Her: "Calm down.”
She says it in a tone half with sympathy and half contempt that he couldn't handle himself in a battle.

As I walk away from the Printworks, a fight is about to start between two ladies and a guy. Security intervenes and they start to blame him, although it was the ladies who started the fight. The security people let them all go anyway.

Summary and venue reviews: Friday 27th March

Tiger Tiger
Medium busy. Clientele: smart casual, smart, nightclubbers. Dιcor: 9/10. Music: classic hits, dance
Notes: Music was turned up so loud it made people ill.
Tiger Tiger

Hard Rock Cafe
Medium busy. Clientele: smart casual, rockers. Dιcor: 9/10. Music: classic hits, rock.
Tiger Tiger

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