Stay out of fights
Tuesday 6th October

I was in the Woodstock and the Met tonight with a friend Chris who is a reporter. It was a nice evening out.

At one point in the conversation Chris says:
Chris: "I'm in court every day reporting. Often there's a middle class guy who ends up in court because he was in a street fight. I see it all the time and they can go to prison. It's best to never get in a fight and stay out of trouble."

His point was that one day you're leading a middle class life and the next, just by a turn of events, can end up doing time in Strangeways. Recently he reported on a case where in between court appearances a middle class guy was in Strangeways for 10 days, and he said it was horrible there.

Chris was extra warning me to stay out of trouble because he knows how I go out to the city and all the near misses, and fights that people start.

It's time to go on luxury nights out. To leave the street lifestyle behind and start going to nice venues. A big part of improving things will be venues that don't require walking the city streets, as that's where all the trouble happens.

Summary and venue reviews

Woodstock pub
Medium busy. Clientele: smart casual. Decor: 9/10.
Woodstock pub

The Metropolitan
Medium busy. Clientele: smart casual. Decor: 8/10.
The Metropolitan

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