Insurance inspection
Thursday 28th May

The engineer from the insurance company comes around at 11:15am to inspect the damage to the Volvo. It's being treated as potential insurance fraud because there is so little damage to the vehicles. The angle at which it happened is a scrape, not an impact so it's difficult to work out how the person who drove into my car became injured at all. The other driver claims I was reversing even though I was driving forward. If I had been reversing it would have snapped the mirror off my car.

The engineer is very professional. He also comments on what good condition the Volvo is in. It's got relatively new Michelin tyres, kept polished, and clean inside.

In the afternoon I visit Marks and Spencer in Handforth Dean celebrating 125 years of the business. I enter the VIP lounge with a ticket I got hold of from someone I know. There's free cranberry juice, wine and party snacks. A fashion show and a jazz band. It's raising money for charity. I donate some money to the jazz band. It's nice to visit events. I do some food shopping then drive home.

Summary and venue reviews: Thursday 28th May

Marks and Spencer Handforth
Busy. Clientele: locals. Entertainment: Jazz musicians and fashion shows.
Notes: VIP event celebrating 125 years of the business.
Marks and Spencer

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